TranzVolt Roofing Platform

TranzVolt Roofing Platform

The TranzVolt Roofing Platform takes the basic concept of a standard roofing hoist and drives it to the next level. Utilizing technology found in electric vehicles, our team of engineers harnessed the use of a brush-less motor, an electromagnetic brake, and a lithium-ion battery pack to create the most advanced Roofing Platform available on the market today!
The result is a great step forward in ease-of-use, performance, and safety. As an industry leader in innovation for 50 years!
Tie Down and Tie Down Safety commits their efforts to driving the standard for product development farther and providing the most efficient solutions available!

Tie Down works hard to make good products better, safer, and improving overall performance. Our new TranzVolt Roofing Platform is the latest innovation in our long line of products designed increase your work efficiency.

With the TranzVolt Roofing Platform you can move materials faster, easier, and keep your workers safe!

TranzVolt Roofing Platform Remote Control

Remote Controled

Converting construction equipment for remote controlled access has a number of advantages over push button operations. The most obvious advantage is safety! The TranzVolt Solar Platform has convenient one-press operation controls Operators can safely send the Solar Platform to the roof. The TranzVolt Homing System will automatically stop the Solar Platform at the designated location without any additional steps. Now the team on the roof can safely unload up to five panels while the platforms locks into position. There is no need for foot petals or brakes! With the TranzVolt Solar Install teams can focus on loading and loading without having to wait for the Platform to return. Simply press the button and send the TranzVolt on its way!

Tie Down’s team of engineers developed the TranzVolt Roof Hoist to operate entirely with rechargeable batteries. Our team worked to Harness power from Lithium Ion batteries. Using two 20-Volt rechargeable batteries (not included), the TranzVolt Roof Hoist works hard all day long so you don’t have to. On a single charge, the TranzVolt Hoist System can lift 100 Solar Panels onto a one-story roof! That is the equivalent to approximately 4,450 pounds! The TranzVolt is interchangeable with major leading battery brands batteries as well so you will always be able to keep the job going!. We started the development of the TranzVolt Hoist Systems to provide the most reliable solution for solar installers. We listened to customer requests and delivered the TranzVolt.


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Time Is Money

Time is money when you're on the jobsite. Whether you're installing three solar power systems per day or installing a new roof, The TranzVolt Roofing Carriage or TranzVolt Solar Carriage is the only tool you’ll need to finish ahead of schedule! Purchas one of our New TranzVolt Roof Hoist Systems now to get more out of your day!