Download The TranzVolt Instruction Manuals.

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Learn the fundamentals about the TranzVolt Lift Hoist

TranzVolt Operations Manual

Download the TranzVolt Instruction Manuals. Operational manual for the both Roofing and Solar Carriages.


"As an employee of a leading national distributor for safety products, I have seen my share of new and innovative products throughout the years, but nothing has come close to the TranzVolt by Tie Down. Tie Down solved a problem by developing a safe and labor reducing cordless lift to get products up to an elevated level in seconds. The TranzVolt eliminates the hazard of carrying items up a ladder, a practice that is not OSHA compliant. Roofers and solar installer's prayers have just been answered!"

Joey Krys Headshot
Joey Krys
Safety Specialist